Key Factors to Aid You in Finding a Good Car Dealership

Buying a car from a dealership is like an orchestrated dance. You as the consumer have a set of moves and the dealers themselves have a set of moves. For a business transaction to be successful you both must learn to move together. This requires a lot of give and take, but it also requires a good dance partner. Many consumers have found themselves against a wall because they went to the wrong dealership. So if you are looking into buying a car and want to avoid headache, here are the best things to look for in a decent car dealership.

Ratings and Reviews

The internet is a magnificent tool because of the amount of information it places at user fingertips. A simple search for any volvo cape cod dealership, for instance, will provide you all the dealerships in the Cape Cod area that deal in Volvos. It will also let you know what other people think about those dealerships. A bad company leaves a foul taste online. They have poor reviews and low ratings. Consumers rant about them on online forums and lament their horrible experience for all to hear. So, when vetting a dealership, it is wise to follow the crowd. Go where consumers tell you to go and choose companies with positive ratings and rave reviews. If other people are happy with their experience so will you.

Look at Their Service Department

A dealership’s service department is often overlooked by consumers but it is an important factor. Most dealerships offer warranty or ongoing service as an enticement to buy. Usually, these are factory warranties for new cars and a smattering of free services from used lots. Either way it requires a consumer to utilize the service department. If that department is subpar then the overall experience becomes a hassle. So, when looking into a lot make sure their service department is up to snuff. You want your vehicle to be taken care of, maintained well, and any warranty to be a benefit not a detraction.

Trust First Impressions

Your first impression of a car lot is not something to discard. If you have any reservations whatsoever go somewhere else. It could be the way the dealer tries to up sell, a nonchalant feel of service, or even dirty tires on the car. A legitimate service will have clean cars, gracious customer service, the lot will be clean, office will be neat, the dealer will be dressed formally, and they will treat you very well. A lack of any those traits speaks to their ongoing service and quality of the cars. If their office is messy you cannot expect them to care for the vehicles they sell. If they treat you like garbage, they are obviously more interested in making money than providing you a reliable vehicle.


As aforementioned, you may begin a search with a specific car in mind. This is because many motorists do their homework in advance when buying a new car. So always make sure the dealer has what you want on the lot. Be wary of any service that advertises a car they do not actually have in stock.