How to Inspect a Used Car

When we think about getting a used car, there are some things to look for. There can be some things that are a bit deceiving if we don’t look close enough. Most of us stroll on the lot and think we have the best intentions in mind when we actually don’t. All we find ourselves doing is just looking for the nicest or cleanest car that sticks out from the rest, especially if it is used. Here are some things to consider when inspecting a used car and determining if its a right fit for you. You can always find used subaru for sale utah.

Research and Homework

Don’t just believe in your own ego that you know how to select the best used car at the dealership. Do as much homework as you can about the car you finally settle on. This can lower your risk of buying a lemon and being stuck with ridiculous repair bills. Use Consumer Reports as a guide for the make an model of the car you want. This should provide vital information on the car you have selected. You also should at least have an idea of what kind of car you want before you even step on the lot. Understand the trouble areas that come with the car and read as many reviews as you can. You can also seek out history reports about the car through car model pages.


A window sticker typically confuses all of us because we don’t know what is accurate or slightly fudged. There is a requirement from The Federal Trade Commission where dealers must post their buyer’s guide to the public regarding every used car sale they are offering. It also must show in the sticker that its “as is” and says that it is covered by some kind of a warranty.


It might seem silly bringing in your own mechanic on the lot and it just might make it even more awkward for the dealership. That said, some times it can be necessary and may not be allowed. Either way, if can get a chance to drive the car alone maybe drive it to a trusted mechanic so they can get a peek under the hood. You can also be your own mechanic by sort of just paying attention with your eyes and being alert to any weird smells coming from the car.


Obviously, the outside of the car should be in great condition. For used cars its especially important and it doesn’t hurt if there are a few little scratches. You should never buy any car that has visible dents or scratches on it. This can make you burn through a lot of money in an effort to get the car looking decent.

Used cars are out there and it’s totally possible to find an awesome deal. The key is to do your homework and don’t ignore it’s creeks or weird behavior when test driving. Understand the window sticker dynamics and make sure it has some kind of warranty attached to it, you’ll be better off and happy you did.